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First Place
By [ profile] windandtherain

Second Place
By [ profile] moredetails

Third Place
By [ profile] moredetails

And find out who took the rest... )

Good job, everyone! Check back soon for another contest. I'm on a roll!
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All right. I am not really as dumb as I look. Oh wait...yeah. Maybe I am.

SHEESH. It should work now. Give it a try. (If you've voted before, you'll have to do it again. I left out yet another photo.)

Look at the pictures and then vote! )

[Poll #1290036]
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Okay, I have found an opportunity to post the results--and so! Here are the winners of the orange photo contest:

The photos are beeeeeg, so check back here: )

And then...

Find out who took the others back here! )

Good job, everyone! Thanks to all who submitted photos as well as to those who voted. I really enjoy doing these.
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And they're in! I got some nice submissions for the Photo Contest That Is Orange, and it is time for you to choose your favorites. As usual, here are the guidelines:

1. Please view each photo at its original size. Thumbnails are often insufficient for judging an image.

2. Vote for up to three pictures--no more than that. If you vote for more than three, I will ask you to fix it, and if you don't, your votes will be disqualified.

3. You can vote for your own picture if you like.

4. The theme is orange. I leave it up to all of you to decide what orange is. ;) You can choose to vote for a photo based on the quality of the shot, or simply on how much you like it, or both.

5. Voting will end sometime on Thursday, October 23, giving everyone plenty of time to participate. Winners will be announced and all the photographers revealed at some point not long after that. Check back here to keep track of how the votes are going and do spread the word!

Here they are in thumbnail form, behind the cut:

sixteen )

And now, to vote:

[Poll #1281536]
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In the end, I decided on orange.

October is an orange month. It could not be otherwise.

Please spread the word.

The Rules )

And yes, the deadline is the 18th in honor of moredetailsJessica's birthday.
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lil_irish_lassMelissa is selling some wonderful reusable grocery bags. Check out her blog, which has a link to her Etsy shop.

I ordered one a few days ago and it arrived this afternoon. Besides being nice to look at, it's very well made, looks to be quite sturdy, and is a great size for groceries. You could use them for other purposes, too, I'm sure! Check her out.


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